We will all be living in Earthships one day

Words by Giovanna Dunmall

Hope on the Hemline

Words by Sara Kaufman

The Loose-Fitting Suit of Architecture, David Chipperfield

Words by Will Wiles

Long Reads

A Hustle on the Catwalk

Gus Van Sant

Since the late 80s Gus Van Sant has been directing movies that have resulted in cult classics and box-office pullers. A film is a film for him regardless of the […]

Invisible Depot to be Seen

Words by Dawn Hung

“Many museums are very preachy,” says Winy Maas, principal architect and co-founder of MVRDV. “That is what we tried to avoid.” The studio’s latest project is the world’s first publicly […]

Happiness Index 4.14

10 Years Later... Alice Wong

Ten years ago, information and story designer Alice Wong graduated from design school in Hong Kong with Happiness Index 4.14, a book about happiness. Her project was a response to […]

Research & Realities


BIO: Benjamin McMillan is a recent graduate of the graphic design department at ArtEZ Arnhem, the Netherlands. His current work investigates the intersection between machine-minds and design. PROJECT: Full Auto […]


Hans Lensvelt gives good anecdote, after all this is the man who gave the go ahead for the special edition Torture Chair. It’s probably why he is working on a book to preserve and share his memories.

Tools of Invention

Rather than seeing digital and analogue productions methods as opposites, the research behind the works design duo Janne Schimmel and Moreno Schweikle created for their exhibition A Tree Full of Splinters asks us to consider what a ‘real’ material is.


Through the Artificers’ Eyes, Sam Baron

Sam Baron’s perennial re-readings and reinterpretations of traditional know hows shrewdly interrogate on the utility of today’s material productions and the very existence of new archetypes. By anchoring his creations […]

Toasted Furntiure

Toasted Furniture is a project that combines innovation, design and ecology. Everyday waste plastics (for example the packaging of cleaning products) is recycled with the help of an innovative and […]

160 years of bending wood in Bystřice pod Hostýnem

The bentwood furniture factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem has now been operating for 160 years The German inventor, designer and businessman Michael Thonet founded Bystřice pod Hostýnem’s bentwood furniture factory […]


The shared vision on sustainability and care for the environment results in a renewed collaboration in which “sustainable innovation” and craftsmanship come together. Past year Arco & Occony reinfocred their […]