Ernesto Gismondi dies aged 89

Italian designer Ernesto Gismondi has passed away on December 31st, 2020, short after turning 89 years old. He was the founder of Artemide, a 60 years old company that has […]

Normality—A video by Silvia Susanna

Is a loop


Terence Conran’s Generosity Lives on

Long Reads


Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam 20 September 2020 – 11th April 2021

Conceived as a spa resort, the exhibition Lithium highlights the beneficial and destructive aspects of the eternal human search for energy. Researchers, designers and artists have been invited to reflect on […]

Donald J. Trump Library Design Unveiled

A team of professional architects, designers and writers have launched, which features a potential reading of the design and exhibits planned for the 45th president’s library and museum. “It is […]

The Orientation of Opinions


It’s no wonder that called the video element of their Online Culture Wars project The Persuadables. When it comes to opinion making of any kind, persuade can seem to […]

Research & Realities

A New Real Deal

Neolith and the Art of Techno Stone

Functional Social Distancing Art

How art can offer an added boost to society?


A new indie gaming movement rejects the usual adrenalin ride in favour of a more peaceful serenity. They treasure what’s calm and invite users in to escape not the mundanity […]


Outside / Inside

“What do you understand as a ‘vessel’? What image comes to mind if I tell you to describe it?  Now, how far can you stretch that image? How far is too […]

TEAM Collection—Tobias Grau

Tobias Grau is delighted to launch TEAM, a pioneering new office series that champions the flexibility, collaboration, and coordination integral to a successful workplace. True to its name, TEAM is […]

S 5000—Thonet

Straight from the 1930s to New Work: a modern update from Thonet and Studio Irvine When English designer James Irvine began work on a new interpretation of the ±daybed- style […]

ARMADILLO armchair—Expormim

“A revision of a furniture classic in rattan: the papasan.‎ But this is a radically free and wonderfully postmodern version.‎ Armadillo has the sympathetic shyness of the animal from which […]